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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Read the legal work on Terri

Read the legal work on Terri

Great site for actual legal documents
This one is the decline for Terri's parents stay.

Letters to OUR Learders about the Emergency Session and Bill for Terri's parents

I just sent this letter to my Rep John Linder (R) about the Emergency Bill for Terri's family that of course, he voted yes on. As you'll see I'm pretty fired up about this issue on many levels.

You might want to do something similar. Then also send it on to the rest of the politicians you are helping to pay the salary of. If we don't let our voices be heard on these issues, then the assumption is that we agree with them.

Flood their email, faxes and phone lines!Our elected officials are elected and paid to support all of their constituents, aren't they?

sent thought Go there and send your elected officials a note!____________________________________________

To Representative John Linder
March 22, 2005

This so called emergency bill goes against every shred of American decency. If the Republican's ever mention the sanctity of marriage again, it will prove that everything you do IS politically motivated.

If a Man and Woman who are married, no longer have the right to say to each other what they want in private, or public and it be regarded as truth, what do we do? If our FEDERAL, much less our State Government has the right to take that personal and private commitment and trust away - what do we have left?

This Nation is NOT about a one party system who railroads their political and religious views on the American public. Everyone in America does NOT agree with your position!

Death with Dignity is every persons right!

My Mother went without food for 17 days before she passed and that was her wish. Luckily, for us we had made our Advanced Directives BEFORE she became ill. I too, would have fought tooth and nail the Medical system and YOU as a POLITICIAN to PREVENT you from a forced feeding tube on her to keep her alive against HER wishes!

Quite playing demi-gods and listen to your constituents, all of them. Not just the ones who agree with you.

Starving children right here in Georgia is THE Emergency.

A fair and livable Minimum Wage is THE Emergency!

Getting our TROOPS safely OUT of the Middle East is THE Emergency!

Medical care for ALL Americans is the Emergency!

Affordable Energy and less dependence on Middle East oil, it THE EMERGENCY.

We are all paying for you to have your job. Many of us will be working hard to have someone else sitting in your seat after the next election.

This was NOT an emergency! This was a political ploy to extend a lifelong death sentence to everyone of the family members involved. No one should ever have to suffer as Terri has. No one, not even you.

What a can of worms you have opened.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Congress called back for Sunday session on Feeding Tube

Who exactly annointed the Bush family with Godly powers?

Not wanting to seem harsh here - but we have starving, poor, non-health insured children and their parents in America.

Which Republican is calling in a special session to feed them? To help them with health care? To let them have a living wage?

eMail, fax and call your Congresspeople to NOT allow our US Government to trump God or state powers.

Death with dignity. Feed our Children! Elect more Democrats!

Quality of Life should prevail

I am so sick about this entire legal battle with Terry Shybol (sp), and her husband in Florida.

How on earth Jeb Bush, Tom Delay and the other immoral right wing politicians have managed to take this horrible situation, a very personal and private situation and turn it into another media frenzy and @*(&%#$(! Political spin agenda for future votes, it just makes me so mad.

I want to grab those guys and scream in their face - "Read your own leather covered, dog eared, tear stained, Family Bible. Matthew 19:5 "and He said, For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined with his wife and the two become one flesh". Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate."

Hello people, what part are her parents not reading? If they wanted to continue to control their daughter, they needed to jump up during the wedding and shout, "She's my baby, she's mine, forever and always!"

For me, this passage means both the man and the woman leave their parents and become one single unit. What is said and done in that relationship is valuable, honorable, trusting and PRIVATE. If Terry, at any point, even hinted that she did not want to become like her uncle, or to be kept alive on any sort of medical machinery, tubes, etc., or to be kept in any kind of vegetative state - and it is reported she mentioned this to not only her husband, but to others - then what right do her parents and what rights do the Republican politicians in Florida think they have to take away the marriage rights of this couple.

Certainly, in today's times, marriage is not always at it's best. But you know what - it never was perfect, never ever, since the beginning of time. And we are not meant to live forever, we are the mortals. Life ends. Gees, if something could have helped her to regain any of her faculties, don't we all think that her husband or even her parents would have made that happen before these last two years?

Where are those Christian values of love, respect, dignity, doing the correct thing - which isn't always the perfect thing - it isn't always the easy thing. But it is noble to allow every one and every thing to die with dignity. Hospice didn't make this up! It's been that way forever.

Death has it's own rewards. Living for 15 years, deteriorating daily, living on a feeding tube, not being able to move, function, and have any decent quality of life is a horrible and criminal way to control a loved one. I can't imagine the pain and grief all of the family has gone through. But at some point I hope someone can say something to these parents to make them understand that it's ok to have life end naturally.

A feeding tube is NOT a natural thing. It is painful, it is NOT food as we know it. It is a medical concoction of stuff that keeps liquids, proteins, vitamins and minerals in your body to sustain life. Terry is not getting fed a diet of lobster or steak. It is horrid tasting, nothingness of a lab creation. I wish those other family members could have a feeding tube for a week, lay in bed motionless, have someone they don't know do everything for them from changing their diapers to bathing and at a schedule the staff chooses not the patient. That is no quality of life!

For 17 days I watched my Mom as she stopped eating and prepared to die. She had Alzheimer's for over 10 years. Yes, I KNOW it was Alzheimer's because we had a brain biopsy done post mortem, as she had been a part of a Mayo Clinic research study for years.

It's difficult to hold for someone like that. To sit by and watch as their body adjusts from the inside out to death. But you know what, if you pay attention, it's an incredible lesson in humanity and humility. Our bodies are here for a reason and purpose. When our time is up, that's it. I do believe that God has a plan and a time table for us. And He uses us for different purposes, mostly for things we never intend or plan on.

If nothing else good ever comes from Terry's struggle to take the Lord's hands, I do hope and pray that everyone who has seen her, has read, watched or listened about this on any media, will immediately go out and get their final arrangements made.

Get your will, living will, durable power of attorney for Health Care, a DNR (Do Not resuscitate), organ donor forms, everything your state requires. Most of this can be done for cheap to free and does NOT require an attorney. Download your "advance directive" on line or go to the local hospital and ask them for the papers. Heck, go to legal aid.

Get your life in order, tell your family and friends, whether they want to hear it or not. Buy your burial plot, pay for it all or for cremation. I've had mine done since I was 45 because of my Mom's illness.

Never, ever allow someone you love to go through this. Never, ever allow some politician or political system to take away your basic rights of freedom to live and die as YOU choose!

And these are the same folks who choose to NOT use embryonic stem cells for research and true scientific miracles in medicine and saving lives. They'd rather the things be flushed down the toilet, than help someone. Just think, what if there might have been a cure for Terry years ago with that research. It just beats the hell out of me how people can be so blind.